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MSW71 Looking for a coparent

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45 years old
United Kingdom / Bedfordshire

Height : 165 cm
Hair Color : Chestnut
Hair Length : Normal
Body type : Normal

Seeking :
I have a fantastic blond and blue eyed 4.5yo already but I split up with his dad a while ago. I am yearning to have more children and it feels like the time is running out. I am clever (have a doctorate) and am good looking :) I am looking for co-parenting option only, although ideally parenting would be in a loving relationship. You need to be reliable and committed enough for this to work. Ideally you will be Caucasian or possibly mixed race or Oriental, in your thirties or early forties. Basically I don't want the kids to be too different, and we know how cruel school environment can be. I don't want either of them suffering. Please don't contact me if you are a part of a couple. No time wasters please - if you are too busy with work or whatever, it is not very likely you will have the time for making and bringing up a child.

Hobbies : Cinema, theatre, coffee, socialising

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