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Successful co-parenting

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For the past several years, co-parenting has been attracting more and more men and women.


Whether you finished your education late, you have a time-consuming career, you or your significant other is infertile, the online world hasn’t allowed you to meet people in person, you haven’t met the love of your life, or you just enjoy the freedom of being single, co-parenting might be an appealing option for you.


Co-parenting is the solution to becoming a mom or dad

Maybe you haven’t found “the one” but still want a child, or you don’t want to wait and risk missing your opportunity to have a baby.


Rest assured that there is a solution. Co-parenting allows two (or more) people to agree to have a child and raise it with the love and care that he or she deserves.


If you do choose this family dynamic, there are pitfalls to avoid and tips to follow.


Co-parents have provided some helpful advice in order to best fulfill your dreams and have a happy, caring relationship with your co-mom or dad.



Tip # 1: Don’t rush!

Don’t scramble to accept the first offer you receive!


Take your time. You’ll be linked to your co-parent for the rest of your life. He or she will be the mother or father of YOUR child, so make sure you have thought carefully about your decision.


Tip # 2: Talk to and get to know your co-parent

It’s necessary that you talk to your co-parent, meet several times, and get to know him or her as much as possible.


Make sure that he or she does not have any ulterior motives.


If you find that the behavior of the co-father or co-mother makes you uncomfortable or uneasy, don’t hesitate to talk about it. A successful co-parenting requires the co-father and mother to approve all the terms of their agreement.


Tip # 3: Getting an HIV and STD test

HIV and other STD tests: REQUIRED WITH NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! This tip is emphasized because it is the most important.


Don’t contract a disease because you are eager to have a child. Do not accept a co-parent if their tests are outdated, or they refuse to take one.


Remember, you are on the internet, and there is no test registering on the site. It is up to you to protect yourself!


Tip # 4: The future and what life will be like after the baby is born

When discussing your future with your co-parent, it’s normal to only imagine a cute little face cooing and smiling at you, but don’t forget to be realistic.


How involved will the co-parent be during the pregnancy? Will the co-father go to the ultrasound? Will he want parental rights? How will you split custody? How often will each parent see the child? Who will the child primary live with? Will your families know about your agreement?


It’s better to make these decisions now with the co-mother or father, rather than find yourself in an unhappy and difficult situation later.


Tip # 5: It’s time to live your life

Last piece of advice - don’t worry about what others think about your situation. Although, you probably will at some point. Attitudes evolve slowly, but don’t worry because you will have the most rewarding gift of all. However, this makes the decision of choosing a co-parent even more important. And who knows, you might even end up raising your child under the same roof ;)




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